RigaCup 2017 Is Underway

The 2017 edition of the RigaCup Classic tournament is underway...20 teams will once again battle for the most popular amateur ice hockey trophy in Europe

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Marels Būve crowned winner of Riga Challenge Cup

Riga Challenge Cup is over and gold goes to Marels Būve.



International amateur hockey tournament Riga Cup 2017

Greetings, ice hockey friends!

Already for the 6 year together with you, the participants, we had a great Riga Cup hockey tournament. Thank you all! You were as good on the hockey rink as you were outside the rink. We apologise for the delay in posting the results and images. They are now available on our website.

Next year Riga Cup society will be organising 3 different ice hockey tournaments:

1. Riga Cup Classic, - men's amateur tournament (20 teams); 25.05 - 27.05 / 2017
2. Riga Challenge Cup, - men's amateur tournament (20 teams); 01.06 - 03.06 / 2017

We are starting to invite teams for those tournaments, but first we want to invite our friends who have taken part before!

Registration open until 1st December 2016! If you want to reserve a place for your team ,just let me know and I will add your team to the list!

Rules for the men’s tournaments:
1. Length of one game is 3x12 minutes
2. Phisical force is not used during the games
3. All players must be 18 years or older
4. Professional ice hockey players as well as retired professional players who have stopped playing professionally less than 2 years prior to the tournament are not allowed to participate


During the 6 years among 70 teams from 10 different countries have participated in the Riga Cup tournament. This is the largest amount of participants amongst all other amateur ice hockey tournaments in the Europe.

Every year we, the team behind Riga Cup, are thinking of new ways to improve the tournament. We are in touch with the participants, listen to their suggestions and desires. It is therefore we can be sure to say that the Riga Cup tournaments are created by you - the participants.

Photos and videos from the previous year are available on our website www.rigacup.eu

We are looking forward to hearing your suggestions - rigacuphockey@gmail.com


Hai. Here we have some new video from this year's Riga Cup. Enjoy it!